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How to Grow Crabapple Trees From Stem Cuttings. Unlike their close relatives, the garden apple, crabapples (Malus spp.) are grown primarily for their ornamental springtime blossoms and fall foliage. If you have a sunny site in your yard and want to grow crabapples, propagate your own from the seeds or cuttings of an existing healthy crabapple.

Wild crabapples produce numerous shoots and suckers that are easily propagated, and if you have the time and patience, you can even grow them from seed.

Crabapples are gorgeous in the spring, covered with beautiful blossoms, and will produce a heavy. Sep 21, Start a crabapple tree by taking a softwood cutting between May and July, when the branches are still tender.

Fill a planting tray with a mixture of half potting soil and half peat moss. Put the tray in a shallow pan of water and leave it for at least. Apr 16, Fill the containers with well-drained potting soil. Prepare one 4-inch pot for each crabapple cutting that you want to propagate. You can put several cuttings in the pots, but when the roots develop, they are fragile. As they grow, they become tangled and you risk injuring the stems when separating them.

Rooting will occur at the site of the wound.

Apr 21, The best time of year to prune a crabapple tree is during the later winter or early spring season. This is when the plant is dormant and the new leaves have not yet emerged and begun growing. If you are unsure if you should prune or not, it is safer to just wait a little bit longer so that the winter has subsided and there is no threat of severe cold luring around the corner.

Jun 18, Step 1, Mix the seeds with compost. Place a handful of crabapple seeds in a pot or other gardening container. Add two to three handfuls of peat-free compost to the container, and combine the two fully.[1] X Research source You can substitute leaf mold compost if you 2, Moisten the mixture.

Once the seeds and compost are mixed, add some water to the mixture to moisten it. You Views: 27K. Jul 20, When pruning crabapple trees, start by removing suckers and water sprouts.

The suckers grow from the rootstock of your tree and if you allow them to develop, they can grow into new trunks, possibly of a completely different tree type. This is because your crabapple was grafted onto the rootstock of a different variety.